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User access reviews are a nuisance. Not!

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User access reviews are important. They also tend to be a complex, time-consuming task. When you add the regulatory and cybersecurity insurance expectations about these reviews and how often they really should be completed, it gets worse. Finally, to complete the picture, you may have to rely on legacy systems or tedious manual processes. It all adds up to one big “ouch.”


We think a simpler approach to cybersecurity and user access reviews would be a better solution for everyone. In the < 2 min video below, Finosec CEO Zach Duke poses a few questions about your user-access reporting and poses some questions to think about.

HubSpot Video


For example, how often do you think user access reviews should be completed for high-risk systems like core processing and ACH? Once per year? Quarterly? More frequently than that?

It’s important for you to conduct regular reviews of the access for every user. It’s vital to confirm that the principle of least privilege is followed, and that you grant access only to those who need it.

Is it possible you take on the review task less often than you should because it’s complicated and takes too much time? This is why we devoted effort to make the process simpler and the reports easier to complete.

We understand why the complexity of the process can dampen your interest in completing a review. After all, the legacy banking application reports can be several hundred pages long. A simplified process will be less daunting and should improve the frequency with which you complete the reports.

For more information on how the FINOSEC team will work in partnership with your institution to simplify your User Access Reporting, visit our User Access Page.

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