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User Access Reporting Frequency


User access reviews can be a complex, time consuming process. Coupled with the regulatory expectations regarding these reviews and their frequency, they prove to be an arduous task that is far too often hindered by reliance on legacy systems. We believe everyone deserves a simple approach to cybersecurity, and user access reviews are no exception. President and CEO Zach Duke asks some questions regarding user access, and FINOSEC would like to hear your feedback on your experiences and opinions on this matter. Watch the video below for more information.


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When considering high risk systems such as core processing and ACH, how often should user access reviews be completed? Annually? Quarterly? More frequently? Conducting a thorough review of every user and their access is vital to confirm that the principle of least privilege is being followed and that only those who need access are granted it. But is it possible that your frequency is obstructed by the complexity of the process? The reports can be hundreds or even thousands of pages long, so we believe a simplified process may make the frequency, whatever it may be, seem less daunting. For more information on how FINOSEC comes along side your institution to simplify User Access Reporting, visit our User Access Page at

Share your thoughts in the survey here, and you will be entered for a chance to have $250 donated to the charity of your choice (selected in the survey). We would love to hear from you! The results will be shared on Friday, November 12th in FINOSEC Academy!

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