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The Importance Of A System Map


One of the most important tools you will need in cybersecurity governance is what we like to call the System Map. A System Map is exactly what it sounds like: a map of all of your systems and where they are located. It is a consolidated list that allows you to quickly see all of your asset details, chain of responsibility, and more.
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It is extremely important to maintain this kind of consistent oversight in order to prevent potential data breaches - as well as to recover from a breach quickly and effectively. While we never want to think it will happen, sometimes even well laid plans can be thwarted by cyber criminals. There are 5 Key Components to building a System Map:
  1. Banking Function
  2. Location (in-house or cloud)
  3. Vendor
  4. Individual Login (employee access)
  5. System Owner and Business Owner

We have provided an overview of what a system map is and what it does in the video provided. If you want to have more in depth information on the system map and even take a course on how to create one, join the FINOSEC Academy. It offers content on this topic as well as other pertinent information within cybersecurity. 

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