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FINOSEC and FinTech Cowboys

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The landscape of cyber risk, and the equal and opposite best practices, is an ever evolving, ever growing, moving target. Staying abreast of the latest recommendations and regulatory expectations can be a daunting task, but it isn’t one that has to be faced alone. Partnerships between community banks and the right FinTech can make all the difference. Zach Duke, CEO and Founder of FINOSEC, sits down with the FinTech Cowboys at FedFis to discuss the nuances of the industry and share their mutual belief that these partnerships help ensure everyone can win. Built on the idea that everyone deserves simple cybersecurity governance, Zach shares how FINOSEC comes alongside community bankers to meet those challenges head on. Furthermore, they discuss how, in a technology saturated environment, trust and integrity are still the heart of these successes. Watch the video below and check out the notes after the break.

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