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Credible Challenge

Apr 7, 2022 10:00:00 AM / by Finosec posted in Cybersecurity, Innovation, Banking, credible, board, board training, training


It is understood and expected that auditors and examiners will ask financial institutions about the safeguards, controls, and tools in place that drive and strengthen their cybersecurity governance. But as FINOSEC President and CEO Zach Duke describes in today’s video, they will also be looking for additional components. The industry is seeing expectations to describe the nuances of what questions and processes were present in cyber related strategic decisions, a concept called “credible challenge.” Auditors and examiners are looking for validation that the Board and other executive leadership members are asking solid questions and demonstrate compelling processes in making decisions around cybersecurity. Watch the video from Zach below and come back after the break for further discussion.

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