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Finosec’s User Access Reporting Solution Supports 100+ Financial Systems

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Alpharetta, GA (November 8, 2022) - Finosec announced that the user access reporting process no longer needs to be labor intensive or complicated, thanks to their User Access Reporting solution. The Finosec solution operates smoothly in tandem with financial institutions and supports more than 100 financial systems and has reviewed more than 11 million user permissions.


For financial institutions, user access reviews are a periodic audit of existing access rights in their organization meant to remove unnecessary and outdated permissions. Regular reviews are an integral part of an IT governance program and required by regulations, like the most recently updated authentication guidance.


Not managing employees access to least privilege, increases the risk of insider threats and data breaches by making it easy to exploit old accounts and permissions to gain access into financial systems.


Conducting user access reviews is a tedious, labor-intensive process. IT and operations staff need to rummage through piles of archaic reports to determine if user permissions are current. Imagine how good it will feel to have more time and higher confidence when you no longer need to review user access reports manually.


“Based on the 2022 data breach report, 82% of breaches are due to the human element and 18% are due to access and data misuse,” said Zach Duke, CEO of Finosec. “Outdated legacy systems and manual processes are complicated and overwhelming, and when access rights are not performed correctly they leave financial institutions vulnerable. Our solution has proven to reduce these risks.”


To see for yourself, register for our The Significance of User Access Reviews and How to Automate the Reporting” webinar on November 9th. When you attend, you’ll get a first-hand sense of just how easy and stress-free user access reporting can be. To register, click here.


Kimberly West, director of information technology at South Atlantic Bank, said “Before implementing user access reporting with Finosec, our team performed manual reviews of access rights in our financial systems. These manual processes were time consuming and we could only review the bare minimum. After implementing Finosec’s User Access Reporting solution, we have increased our effectiveness and thoroughness of the reviews and have we reduced the amount of time required.”


Visit us at to learn more about how Finosec can save you time and increase your confidence in your user access reporting process.



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