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Exams are never fun. But we know how to make bank regulator exams easier!

May 5, 2022 10:45:00 AM / by Finosec

And let’s acknowledge the tests associated with bank examiners definitely fall into the “not fun” category.

It’s partly because the scope of what bank regulators expect continues to expand. A lot of the focus is on the steps your institution takes to keep private personal information secure. Examiners care deeply about the defenses you have in place to combat financial fraud as well as protections against cyberattacks of other kinds.

It’s hard to implement and track these security elements, and the landscape constantly. There are frequent updates, like the Ransomware Self Assessment and the Architecture, Infrastructure, and Operations (AIO) changes to the FFIEC operational handbook.

We believe every financial institution deserves a simpler approach to cybersecurity. We’ve developed an exam-readiness framework to make regulatory compliance easier than ever. Watch Zach Duke, FINOSEC’s founder and CEO, show you how FINOSEC can relieve your exam-readiness stress.

In the video, you’ll learn that Scott McIlrath, co-founder, and CTO of FINOSEC, knows a lot about exam challenges. Not long after he became the ISO at a rapidly growing bank, Scott endured his first regulatory exam.

After the experience, he created an exam-readiness framework for himself. He wanted to be confident he could track each element he was responsible for throughout the year. Scott’s work is the basis for our exam-readiness tools.

If you’re already a FINOSEC customer, you know about our exam-readiness dashboard. It tracks the items you should complete and review each month, quarter, or year. Plus, it provides automated status updates to help you prioritize what needs your attention the most.

And if you’re not a FINOSEC customer, we’re created an exam-readiness guide for you. You can download it and share it with your team. It makes it easy to track and confirm when important exam items are completed.

All you need to do to access our exam-readiness guide is join our FINOSEC Academy. We hope to see you there!

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