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Cybersecurity Awareness Month


For the 18th year, October serves as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. With the evolving trends in cyber risk, the diversity of cyber attacks, and the breadth of exposure nearly everyone faces in regards to their digital footprint, it is more important than ever to be cyber smart. The CISA and the National Cyber Security Alliance have declared October a month to focus on educating everyone about their responsibility in maintaining a resilient cybersecurity posture. Below we discuss what that means for you as a financial institution, as well as share key ways you can capitalize on this educational momentum by focusing on 4 primary pillars. 


Educating your staff

As employees of an institution, there are no insignificant roles when it comes to practicing information security and cybersecurity best practices. The weakest link in the strength of your Information Security Program is the human component, and therefore every individual has a responsibility to be aware of the latest trends, risks, and practices. This month is a great time to refresh your staff on how to identify and avoid phishing attempts, social engineering trends, and your Acceptable Use Policy. 


Educating your business customer

Home users are not free from risk when it comes to cybersecurity, and being a respected leader in increasing their awareness can go a long way in building trust and establishing integrity. Sharing with your customers the importance of information security best practices and how to avoid common pitfalls is a great goal during this month. 


Educating the Information Security Officer

The ISO is a vital cog in your information security program, and this month is largely devoted to the work they do each and every day. The ISO knows they need to be ready for an exam, and confident that they have the tools necessary to succeed when the examiners arrive. It is a great idea to leverage this month as a time to ensure they have the resources they need and give them increased peace of mind in their cybersecurity posture. 


Educating the Bank Executives

As decision makers at the institution, it is vital that the Board is trained and informed when it comes to cybersecurity and information security. From regulatory guidance to the latest trends, increased familiarity will drive beneficial purchasing, structural, and other high level decisions. Using this month to educate the bank executives will go a long way in setting a firm foundation for your institution. 


But unfortunately, all of this is easier said than done. With information that seems to change daily, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest news and then disseminate that information in an appropriate format to all of the parties listed above. That is where FINOSEC would like to help. We have created a Cybersecurity Awareness Month toolkit that is filled with videos, informational graphics, and other helpful links that can be shared and utilized to make the most out of this month. Simply join to get started. We hope to see you there! 

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